We bring our comprehensive understanding of the human resources market, our passion for the business world and its stakeholders, and our array of ‘soft skills‘: a blend of qualities including attentiveness, synthesis ability, accessibility, and intuition.

The Expertise of a Recruiter

Our recognized mastery of both online and offline recruitment methodologies, along with our expertise as a headhunting firm, enables us to provide expert guidance in your industry. With a dedicated network of specialists, MAESTRIA can deliver efficient and relevant advice.

Personalized Support for Project Leaders and Young Entrepreneurs

This personalized support for project leaders and young entrepreneurs fosters potential by optimizing human resource utilization. Supported by the FEDER to help sustain employment in the Mayotte region, MAESTRIA channels its capabilities and expertise to serve this audience. Our focus is on enabling future leaders to discover and develop their own answers.

Simplifying the Establishment of Subsidiaries in the Mayotte Territory through Team Building

Our familiarity with Mayotte, Tanzania and its region, local economic players, and institutions positions us to propose valuable solutions for establishing subsidiaries or initiating businesses. We analyse, select, and budget for the most effective compositions before executing optimal team formations to ensure the success of each of your ventures. Our insight into the economic landscape aligns new players at the heart of a profitable ’activity in their dedicated field.