Relocation & Immigration Support

MAESTRIA addresses the needs of companies aiming to support their employees in their mobility as close as possible to their place of work.


Whether they are inpatriates or expatriates, we welcome and organize the settling-in process for every new employee and their family within the new homeland country.

  • Personal reception of the new arrivals and their family.
  • Assistance with administrative procedures upon departure or arrival (moving, work visa, etc.).
  • Search for temporary or permanent housing.
  • Pre-selection and pre-visits of accommodations.
  • Coordination of installation and activation of essential contracts.
  • Guidance on enrolling children in schools and seeking childcare solutions.
  • Orientation to the city and its surroundings.
  • Introduction to sports and cultural activities and connection to local associations.
  • Cultural immersion training.
  • Support for the spouse’s reintegration into the job market.