Our methodology


Uncovering, evaluating, and persuading

… candidates about the benefits of partnering with our clients.

The recruitment process involves guiding companies in defining their needs, creating job profiles, posting vacancies on suitable platforms, selecting candidates, assessing candidates, administering and interpreting logical assessments, verifying credentials, qualifications, or professional backgrounds, conducting selection interviews, and facilitating the transition into the new role.

At MAESTRIA, we adhere to a time-tested and contemporary 7-step methodology to ensure you acquire the utmost talents.

  1. Specifically, analyse your recruitment needs

    Define the job’s scope (context, hierarchical reporting, main responsibilities), , along with the primary and secondary skills sought for the role

  2. Effectively communicate to source the best profiles

    The job Ads will be published on the most relevant platforms

  3. Identifying and Attracting Top Talents

    • Leveraging our Local Talent Pool.
    • Tapping into the National and International Talent Pools.
    • Utilizing National and International Partner Networks.
  4. Selecting and Evaluating Each Potential Candidate

    CV Screening, Phone Pre-qualification Interviews, Face-to-face Interviews, Administration of Personality, Logic, Management or Job-specific Tests.

  5. Reference Checks and Qualification Verification

  6. Candidate Presentation, Monitoring, and Advising

    Upon completing our search, selected candidates are presented to you one by one. Each application is accompanied by all the necessary information to ease a well-informed and confident decision-making process.

  7. Supporting the Onboarding Process

    We guide the candidate through their integration period and probationary period through regular phone check-ins. We provide feedback on positive aspects and areas for improvement to implement. Finally, we measure your satisfaction through regular contact points defined collaboratively at the time of filling the positions.

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